Wednesday, 2 January 2008


I am back from having my wisdom teeth out I am sooooo glad as I have been dreading it over Xmas. Anyway no food for me for a while I am currently sitting here with an ice pack.

May do some crafting later as I have got some really cute Beatirx Potter stamps I want to use. After watching the Beatirx Potter Ballet the other day I feel inspired to use them. xx


kraftykathy1 said...

feel better. It is a good way to lose some weight, getting wisdom teeth out but not the choice of many.
>Kathy sbs 8

Etha said...

here is to a speedy recovery! but you MUST eat!! your body needs extra good nutrition to recover quickly and the chewing motion will make your holes hear faster too, biggest mistake people make to not eat after having them out :( just rinse nicely with salty water afterwards and you should be fine :)

debby4000 said...

Poor you hope they heal soon.
I'm at Guildford by the way and my Sis is at Farnborough.

Nikki said...

You have my sympathy...I had mine out a few years ago and it was agony.
Hope you are feeling better soon xx