Sunday, 6 April 2008


We all woke this morning to Issy screaming "SNOW Mummy, snow". Anyway here we all were at 8am this morning building a snowman in a blizzard - how silly!! I thought I would post a photo of him with my two Will & Issy.


Anita Knits said...

Great to see your children enjoying the snow as much as mine.
Hope to meet up after the spring break.

NattyK said...

Great snowman, my boys were the same the other week when it snowed, bless. x

Supermum said...

I can't believe you had snow...we've had glorious sunshine all day - but it has been VERY cold!!
Great photo.

Suzanne said...

gosh enough to make a snowman we haven't had that much for years!! What fun. Sue :o)

Dawny P said...

You are soo lucky!! We are quite sheltered here and we woke up yesterday morning to to a light dusting on the car roofs and we were thrilled!! I am so looking forward to making a snowman with Kyla but at this rate, she will be 10 by the time that happens lol xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow looks like you had a great time:)
None for us:(
anyways I love your card:)x