Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Well not such a little boy he is nearly 9 but today he has gone away for this first residential school trip. He will be gone until friday however it is the first time he has been away like this without us and I know he is very nervous - bless him. Anyway I have jsut got back from waving him off and I do feel a bit sad - how silly am I xx


Marge Robertson said...

It's NOT silly; it's sweet & I remember feeling the same way!!! Mine's now 28 & 6'6" tall & I still call him my "little boy"!!! He is a sweetheart!!!

Joana said...

you not silly i felt the same with my two , i wanted them to go and have fun but at the same time could wait to have them back hardly sleep ink wondering if all was OK , when they got back they told me they had the best time of there life's and could they go back

Supermum said...

I was the same, the first time Sam went away I just felt sick and paced up and down for 3 days. he came back and he'd had a fabulous time! So try not to worry - enjoy the peace!
And no you are not silly!!
Sue. x

meayla said...

blake is 10 and he went away a cpl o weeks ago,i was the same i didnt know where to put myself but he came back all smiles and healthy looking x